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Subject:  Re: Unwritten Rules of Wage Slavery Date:  2/1/2000  9:37 PM
Author:  snottygrottie84 Number:  2865 of 875640

One thing that troubles me about this topic, but that your post particularly ignited, is that you seem to be working to pay off your current life so that you can have another life that you want. The obvious answer is because you want to have food and shelter and a certain standard of living, yada yada. But if retirement is this "over the rainbow" time when you will finally be able to do with you life what you have always dreamed about, then it shackling you to a sup-par day-to-day existence.

Hope is a dangerous thing. It helps us endure things that we would normally rebel against. Might we not benefit by structuring our lives without the goal of a "retirement". If there was no light at the end of the tunnel, then we would do our best to get out of the tunnel, at least I would. But knowing that "someday" it will be better allows me to endure instead of rebel, refocus, make other choices.

Sure, you can take this reasoning to an extreme:
"Why not abolish vacations, too." But I am not advocating the renunciation of retirement. Rather that when we think about our lives, we think about them as a whole, not as chunks. And then work to maximize each moment instead of indenturing ourselves to the dream of a day when we will not have to work anymore.

Just a thought.

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