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Subject:  Re: Unwritten Rules of Wage Slavery Date:  2/2/2000  11:00 AM
Author:  4gonefool Number:  2900 of 876335

pyrotech offered:

What I have found over the last 10 years in the same job is that on the good days I am enjoying the WORK, and on the bad days I am hating (some aspect of) the JOB. I have also discovered, ironically, that the more independent my outlook becomes, the more respect I get from the boss. When I needed every paycheck, there was constant pressure. Now that I have money enough to say 'I quit' and mean it, the atmosphere is more relaxed, I get more praise, days off come more easily, etc. What I don't know for sure is whether the company has changed, or I have. Maybe our stress clouds our attitude and we don't see the true picture. Or maybe the employer senses desperation and capitalizes on it, sees self confidence and backs off, knowing when not to push. But think about this- when the job is critical to your survival, do you not use phrases like "would it be possible for me to maybe take a week off in July?" ? On the other hand, when you know you have options, how much more likely is it to say "I want to schedule the week of July 4th as vacation."?

I've had a similar experience and nobody is more surprised than I am. I have always enjoyed the work but hated the company I work for. It's been the knowledge that it would be unlikely that I would find a better employer with equivalently enjoyable work that kept me from quitting. Recently, my company got merged into a true giant and if I hated it before, there are no words to express the despite and loathing that I currently feel for it. But in the process of deciding whether to accept the offer to "come aboard", I discovered that I could actually retire now if I was willing to accept the lower standard of living it would entail. I also discovered that I was at most four years from the standard of living that I want. On top of this the merger is creating some very enjoyable work opportunities. My attitude has changed as a result of these discoveries. I can now "take it or leave it" and I have that attitude. I can ignore most of the BS and act like a contractor who gets four weeks of paid vacation. I will tell my boss when I will take vacation and if he disagrees, I will negotiate some benefit in return for postponing it. If he doesn't cooperate, I'm not sure what I will do, but I'm sure they will pay one way or another. It's a good feeling and actually makes me an easier person to work with. My boss has noticed a change and I think he is uncomfortable with it, but he has become more deferrential and I think that is a sign of more respect. I'm not feeling good enough about the new attitude to keep working beyond my target net worth, but I'm enjoying a semi-retired feeling. Here's an example of the fun I'm having. We didn't have to wear ties before, but now we do. So I'm wearing the ugliest ties I can find and watching the managers frown when they see 'em. The big guy (Ebeneezer) said ties, he didn't say tasteful ties.


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