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Subject:  Re: Roth conversion - 4yr spread Date:  2/6/2000  4:45 PM
Author:  pmarti Number:  27487 of 127616

<< I converted my $16k IRA to a Roth IRA in December 1998. I elected to spread out the reported income over 4 equal annual tax payments. I made the first payment on $4k on my '98 taxes.

This year, due to a military deployment overseas, my reported taxable income is only ~$15k. Is there any way to include my final 3 payments of $4k each (total $12k) to my 1999 taxes, thus taking advantage of my unusually low income for the past year? I was thinking maybe I could convert Roth IRA to a conventional IRA then back to a Roth IRA- would that work, or is there another way? >>

There's no way. The deadline for "uncoversion" of a 1998 conversion was 12/31/1999, and the deadline for electing a one-year payment (THAT was the election, the 4-year was the standard) was 4/15/1999. You're stuck with the spread.

Phil Marti
Tax Preparer
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