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Subject:  Re: retire early study Date:  2/11/2000  8:29 AM
Author:  4gonefool Number:  3641 of 795082

>>In the matter of California and Arizona taxes: Nevada is, more or less, between those two
states, with ready access to them both. Nevada's state income tax rate is zero. I plan to
move there from California in May. C'mon, vote with your feet!<<

Chips, here's a question for ya: Suppose just before you move to NV from CA you exercise a bunch of stock options & then quit (or perhaps you've exercised them recently). Now, once in NV, you sell. Will CA come after you for their 9% ? I can't seem to get a straight answer on this, perhaps you can shed some light?

California has attempted on numerous occasions to go after people who move to states with no income tax. You have d