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Subject:  Re: Understanding Commoditized Date:  2/13/2000  5:10 PM
Author:  tjbd Number:  863 of 8767

Personally, I think wireless networks might eventually eliminate the need for Firewire, but it's not as if I'm enough of an
expert on the subject to properly defend that position.

Here are some experts on the field, though I haven't been able to find the links, yet:

(1) C.V. Byus, Y. Ma and M.A. Stuchly, "The Ability of Magnetic Fields To Serve as a Co-Promotional Stimulus to the
Development of Papillomas on the Skin of the Mouse," Paper No.18-3, 17th Annual Meeting of the Bioelectromagnetics
Society (BEMS), Boston, June 18-22, 1995.

(2) T. Kumlin et al., "A Study of the Possible Cancer-Promoting Effects of 50 Hz Magnetic Fields on UV-Initiated Skin
Tumors in ODC-Transgenic Mice," Paper No.P-126C, BEMS, 1995.

(3) W. Löscher et al., "Tumor Promotion in a Breast Cancer Model by Exposure to a Weak Alternating Magnetic Field,"
Cancer Letters, 71, pp.75-81, 1993; W. Löscher et al., "Effects of Weak Alternating Magnetic Fields on Nocturnal
Melatonin Production and Mammary Carcinogenesis in Rats," Oncology, 51, pp.288-295, 1994; W. Löscher and M.
Mevissen, "Animal Studies on the Role of 50/60 Hertz Magnetic Fields in Carcinogenesis," Life Sciences, 54,
pp.1531-1543, 1994; M. A. Baum et al., "A Histopathological Study on Alterations in DMBA-Induced Mammary
Carcinogenesis in Rats with 5