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Subject:  Re: Home Office deduction for renter? Date:  2/16/2000  7:42 PM
Author:  TMFTaxes Number:  28896 of 127533

<<I'm a new fool, and looking for some advice.>>

Welcome to the folder...

<< I work from home as a W2 employee.>>

Then you might want to check out my post on the office in home deduction in the Taxes FAQ area for some information on that tidy little deduction.

<< I am not a home owner, but a renter. I have a separate room that I use as a home office. Even though I am not a home owner, can I still claim a home office deduction?>>

If you otherwise qualify, yes.

<< Is a portion of my rent also deductable (based upon the square footage of the office space)?>>

Yup...again if you otherwise qualify.

<< Also, once in a while (approximately once per week) I travel to my client's office for status meetings. Is this travel deductible?>>

If you can claim the office in home deduction, then your "tax home" would be your home. And any travel from your home would be deductible from the very first mile.

So check out the Taxes fAQ area for additional information on the office in home deduction.

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