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Subject:  Re: Planning to Retire Oversees Date:  2/17/2000  4:03 PM
Author:  Anya Number:  4207 of 876089

Thanks galeno,

I read the thread you mentioned (whew!). It was backslash's post #3941 that got me thinking about where I should be investing now to avoid higher taxes in the future:

backslash wrote:

“I've looked at this issue some, and haven't made up my mind what to do. The gummint has put such tight (shall we say suffocating) restrictions on the expat tax situation that there doesn't seem to be either a semi-legal or relatively foolproof method of escaping US taxes. Even if you give up your citizenship you are required to pay US taxes for 10 years. The US gummint does not accept ANY other reason for rejecting US citizenship except tax evasion (talk about political prisoners!). And it would take you forever to move money out at a rate of $10K per trip. In my opinion, your best bet is to actually earn money outside the US, like move and work. As long as you earn $70K or less, it isn't taxed by the US. You can then invest that money overseas, and it is then protected from, as galeno puts it, the big eagle.”

So the question is, is there any advantage to opening the IBC now and investing through it for the next 10 years or so? Or is it just as sensible to build the wealth in a US brokerage (taxable) account and 401(k), and then transfer the assets (stocks) lump-sum to the IBC when we retire and move to France? Will we have to pay any US taxes to move the stocks to an overseas account? Also, if I sell any stock in an IBC account while I'm still living in the US, will I pay the normal 20% capital gains, or does some other rate apply? I assume that as residents of France, we will have to pay local taxes on our income as well. That's understandable -- we'll be benefiting from the services. It's just the US tax angle that concerns me. Thanks for bearing with me; I'm having trouble picturing how all this would actually play out.

Any and all assistance appreciated! -- Anya
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