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Subject:  Re: Selling Message Boards Bad Idea Date:  2/20/2000  4:32 PM
Author:  ElricSeven Number:  2680 of 25041

I have taken some time to address many issues that have come up concerning the new community member research reports. This is the last time I will chime in on this argument because I think that the issues have been thoroughly canvassed. Hopefully this presents a point of view that is moderately lucid.

Thanks ahead of time.

There is a chill created when suddenly one person in the choir of voices is elevated to a professional distinction from within the collective enterprise. The psychology of cooperative contribution where the high and the low contribute to a positive outcome is undermined.

Isn't this what happens with recommendations? One voice is raised above others as perhaps making a good contribution that day. I hope I don't come across as a “know it all” and if that is a problem, then I am sure that you will let me know.

I agree with your argument that the Fool has taken a Wise turn by selling materials created on the message boards.

I am not sure where this idea has started, but no one is selling materials created on the message boards. My report, at least, was created from what I learned from reading textbooks, the message boards, 10-Ks, websites, newsarticles, etc. If this was the case then no one would bother buying the stuff because you could get it on the message boards.

Note, though, that if I were to arrive on this message board and see that 2676 messages had been posted, I may not want to read th