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Subject:  Re: Education deductions Date:  2/23/2000  11:09 AM
Author:  TMFTaxes Number:  29718 of 127642

<<I read a Fool archive on education and tax deductions but I am still unclear as to whether my case qualifies for any deductions. From what I read in the November '98 archive, I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that I won't be able to find any deductions, but believe it's worth a shot--any help would be greatly appreciated before I hire a tax advisor.>> away...

<<In November, I took a leave of absence from a management consultancy (based in the U.S.)to learn French (based in Paris) which has helped me to find a job working as a manager within a new company (based in the UK). I am in charge of market entries in Europe so my French is part of why I was hired.>>

But your language class didn't (I assume) "maintain or improve" your current job skills. I must assume that you didn't need to speak French to handle your current (now prior) position. So taking the language course would likely have qualified you for a "new" trade or business.

<<At the same time, I'm also technically employed with my old company who if I were to return, has offered to put me in Europe, partly due to my having learned French.>>

But again, that sounds like a NEW job skill to me...not something that would improve your (old) current skills.

<<Does any of this help me in finding tax deductions from the costs of language acquisition?>>

With just this limited amount of infomraiton, I would tend to lean to the "no" side of the issue. If you disagree, please treat me like an IRS auditor and EXPLAIN to me how the language skills improved your old job skills (the job that you the way...also explain why you improved your skills and then when to a new position).

Sell me...
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