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Subject:  Re: Motor Homes Date:  2/24/2000  8:52 AM
Author:  jpkiljan Number:  4800 of 838412

dugg wrote:

. . .
I am toying with the idea of selling my house in the next 3-5 years and driving around the country (and
Mexico) in a small (less than 30') motor home, staying in some places a few days, and in other places a
few months.

Hello Dugg,
This a good question to ask on the


newsgroup. I have followed these people for a couple of years and there is a wealth of information on what they call 'full-timers.' From what I can remember, the best size has to do whether you are travelling alone, with a spouse, or taking the grandkids on frequent, long trips. Set up a state of residence can make a difference, too. Some states charge very little for annual registration and others a lot.

As for my self, I am not retired yet (still trying to decide just when), but bought a used motor home in anticipation of retiring about three years ago. I decided anything over 20 feet was more of a hassle than needed. My 20 foot MH will park in a standard space in most National Park roadside pull-offs and campgrounds. Things bigger need a pull-through and life is more complicated. I see these things in Europe now and they are almost all of the 20' class. Still, if you are mostly staying in one place, the comforts of a larger MH may well be worth it.

Full-timers (and mostly full timers) form quite a roaming society meeting up with each other around the country at various times of the year as the seasons progress. Most motorhomes are not designed for deep winter travel with the plumbing being exposed to the cold, but they can be modified to some extent to allow this.

I personally think that Mexico is a great place for MH retirees. I have visited with many down there in my travels. You can start easy with a winter trip to Baja and there are few paperwork hassles. I was astonished at the number of gringos who are young doing this. A typical Canadian snowbird might