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Subject:  A new language to speak.... Date:  2/26/2000  7:10 PM
Author:  igo4ward Number:  2883 of 25041

It is an incredible time, technological advancements in parallel industries will soon reap the fruit of their discoveries. The connected world economy thanks to the internet, the social changes to come, the destruction of cultural and language boundaries to follow. Society will change at an accelerated rate, hopefully, the structure of human society today will be resiliant to the level of change. I envision that the community aspect of the internet will serve as the glue to keep us from being destroyed by the power of these technologies. But what of the next revolution???

Biotechnology, Celera races forward on decoding the book of human life. What they are seeking is not just the completion of a "sequencing" exercise that is commonly refered too in the media. Sequencing is the antithesis of programming. In programming a set of formal instructions are created conforming to a grammer and expressions of that grammer using specific syntax; the purpose of which is to allow very fine grained control of the systems of a computer, to solve problems,write papers,connect to other computers and create beautiful simulations of real world situations. Programming languages allow us to play God within the confines of our computer systems. There is little that can't be done given the time and ingenuity. It all depends on how well the programmer can "speak" the lanmguage.

And so it is, with DNA, Watson and Cricks discovery nearly 50 years ago. Little known, an