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Subject:  Re: Retirement Investing Date:  3/2/2000  7:44 PM
Author:  eldynamite Number:  19741 of 88772

Your original post:
As I have been modestly foolish most of my life, I am now at the point where I must ask
for some financial advice concerning my retirement portfolio.

Given the following:

59.5 years of age.

COLA adjusted Pre-tax pension income of $33,000 +
$18,000 Social Security at age 62.

401-K assets of $250,000. Other Mutual fund IRA's
of $100,000. Will use some of these assets to bridge the gap from 59.5 until age 62.

I have no financial liabilites at present but plan to finance a retirement home and I plan
put down $50,000 and mortgage $150,000, if required.

How should I invest $200,000 from my 401K? I am foolish enough not to want pursue
a very diverse
portfolio but will take a moderately high to high risk level. Don't like annunities, foolish

I don't think you've given enough information. How much do you need annually to maintain your standard of living? Do you have medical coverage? A spouse? Heirs that you want to leave something to?

If $51,000 is enough in terms of today's dollars, then you can afford to be aggressive since your basic needs will be met by inflation-protected income stream. But if you need additional income, you might adopt a more conservative approach.

If I were in your shoes (some very comfortable shoes from my point of view) I would probably invest heavily in tech stocks/funds -- maybe 50% or so -- and the rest in S&P index or total market index.

But much depends on what turns your crank. If your Idea of an ideal day is a walk in the woods, then you should probably invest much differently than somebody who wants to sail his own yacht to Tahiti.

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