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Subject:  Re: CRA News from Washington Post Date:  3/7/2000  12:55 AM
Author:  DannoMusic Number:  6482 of 36502

This thread has made me reflect on an unfortunate potential political side effect of a Celera speed victory over the government. Namely, that there is always a large percentage of the population that thinks that government spending on science is a waste of tax dollars and this would create fuel for these arguments by those who are ignorant. They might point to this as an example of, "The US Government wasted millions of the tax payer dollars mapping the genome when once again private industry showed it could do it faster and cheaper...all science should be left to the private sector..."

Follow this up with the usual lines like, "we can't feed our own people and we're spending billions of NASA dollars for failed Mars probes that can't even find the planet... etc."

I hope that this isn't used to promote government cutbacks, like cancelling the supercollider, but I'm afraid there will be those who twist this in order to promote those arguments.


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