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Subject:  The MNT Bookshelf- Part 2 (NanoMedicine) Date:  3/14/2000  3:23 AM
Author:  GregTrocchia Number:  76 of 3862

Since we have a request:

>I just found it, so I can't comment on its quality, but there is another full-text book on the subject on-line @

Perhaps we can get some folk to sign up to review some of these for the board...


The subject of tonight's section of the MNT Bookshelf is Robert A. Freitas Jr's book Nanomedicine Volume 1: Basic Capabilities. The information in the site is indeed a copy of what is in the book. I do not believe the entire content of Volume 1 is currently on the website, indeed the website makes clear that it is still a work in progress. Access to the text is clumsier (if less expensive) than the physical book.

With that I will discuss Volume 1 in the expectation that what I say will hold for the website, once said website is complete. First off, let me be clear that I concur unreservedly with The Foresight Update's headline: Nanom