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Stocks Q / Quantum HDD


Subject:  Quantum Quckview and consumer electronics Date:  3/18/2000  4:57 PM
Author:  pita Number:  7 of 8

For your consideration, this following was posted in a discussion (at of Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), devices that might replace our VCRs:

"... To replace the recording and "time-shifting" features of the VCR, I've tested both the Tivo (TIVO) and ReplayTV boxes that use a computer hard drive (both use Quantum's "Quickview" drive) instead of messy, slow and old VHS tape. This is clearly the best way to watch live TV or to record stuff (14-30 hours depending on size of the hard drive) to fit into our own time schedules for viewing. These DVRs allow you to pause, rewind and then fast-forward a live show because they automatically record onto the hard drive. ..."

Wow! Fourteen to 30 hours! Is that possible? How big is that drive, anyway? "Messy, slow, and old." Hey, kinda' like me.

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