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Subject:  The real, real risks of margin. Date:  3/21/2000  9:22 PM
Author:  globalstreamer Number:  9140 of 36502

Fellow Fools,

I write this for several reasons, many of which are not clear to me at this point.

I do know that I have had a horrible day and so I need to cleanse myself.

I also write it to educate (but not necessarily amuse of enrich) members of a community for which I have great respect.

I am 27 years old and I have learned more from this community and site than any other, hands down.

Today, however, I punctuated a painful, painful lesson - one which I will grow from. It may prove to be the most valuable investing lesson I ever learn.

Here's the short story long:

I have been a Fool for quite some time - I've got all the books, several pages on the site are in my top bookmarks, I listen online to the radio show religiously each and every week. I believe the Gardner Bros. to be genuine and well-intentioned. I have been to a Fool book-signing. I wear a Fool ballcap.

Though I have rarely posted - I have lurked on these boards silently and considered myself a member of this community for quite some time. Many of you are funny, some of you are brillaint. I feel fortunate to know this place.

Over the last 2 weeks, I have been involved in the Rule Breaker Semin