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Subject:  Re: Ten Mental Exercises Leading To Freedom Date:  3/30/2000  11:23 PM
Author:  tomandkim Number:  7217 of 875599

In response to your ten mental exercises leading to freedom, they all sound great. One doesnt know how much he spends until you look at things this way.
But, if everyone does this, our economy would be ruined.

This would creat a huge freefall in our system.
I get your point on control of your resources. I do agree on the norm of savings is 10-15% of your earnings ,this is a trap. At one time i was saving 20-30% of my income. I have a family and a mortgage, with that comes more expenses. I try to save by cutting my trips to school during the day. I travel 6 miles a day to and from school. I like to order pizza on the weekends while im studying. Dont misunderstand what im trying to say here ,its just that not everyone can do all of these things, if they do, what effect is it going to have on our economy of credit? I look at it this way, I try to watch my spending and save as much as i can, I let the other people spend all their money and i invest mine. The investing has paid off.In one of my classes, marketing, brings the point home all to well. In marketing thats what its all about,exchanging the firms goods or services for your money. It is an equal exchange. You got the good or service and the company gets your cash. What you want to look at is the fact that is that good or service worth the cash that you will be giving up? Great article. Hope to hear from you. Again, dont misunderstand what im saying
We need the spenders out there to better our lives and saving and investments. Thats whats so great about the free market and capitalizm,there are those who spend and drive our economy and there are those who save and invest in our economy to market products for the people who like to spend freely.
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