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Subject:  Re: Retire Early Personality Study Date:  4/4/2000  4:10 PM
Author:  intercst Number:  7446 of 876036

azholmes asks,

Sorry if I'm late, this retirement stuff is hard work... Just can't seem to keep up with these MF boards as well as I could at work ;)......

One thought I had as a long time lurker: Is there also a "type" that is more likely to post to boards?

(1)You're not late. I'll total the responses to the MBTI survey before the end of April and post an article to the REHP web site on May 1st.

(2) I'm also wondering about whether our "Retire Early" survey is actually measuring a propensity for early retirement or rather just frequent use of Internet newsgroups. I found a few studies on the personality types of computer programmers. Both the programmers and the Retire Early group are heavily weighted towards "I" rather than "E" types. ("E"s make up 70% of the population as a whole.) The dominant personality type among programmers was ISTJ, the INTJ type was fifth. INTJ was a close 2nd to ISTP as the most frequent type for the Retire Early group.


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