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Subject:  Re: What a sad day for Technology Date:  4/5/2000  8:26 AM
Author:  youngsl Number:  28477 of 157291

>>> Steph, thank you for bringing up MBE. I have friends (they are married) that own two MBE stores, their franchise, and to who I provide PC help. You are absolutely correct about what the USPS is doing to squeeze MBE. My friends and the other MBE owners are hopping mad about being squeezed by the USPS and it is a perfect example that you cite. The USPS is worried about fraud coming from MBE and other Mom and Pop operations but what about the majority of fraud coming from the post office boxes in the post offices? Ever see the Terry Gilliam movie Brazil, that's what our United Socialist States of America is becoming.

Working as a consultant, I travel frequently and for long periods of time, so MBE and places like it are absolutely essential for my business and personal life. Without an MBE, I'd have to foot the bill for a secretary I can't afford.

Worse, the Postal Service can't be trusted to deliver service. Mail forwarding is irregular or simply not done. It's not uncommon for the wrong mail to be delivered to me, or for my mail to be delivered elsewhere. I just don't have the time to deal with that kind of incompetence. There aren't enough hours in the day.

MBE doesn't solve all my problems, but they're dependable, competent, and exactly the service I need for the business I do.

So, it infuriates me when the Postal Service persecutes them. It's a clear case, too, with the restrictions and attempts to impede their ability to do business. The Postal Service simply can't compete, so they cheat by using the government to keep the competitors from being competitive.

[g] My legislators are sick of hearing about it from me, I'm sure.

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