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Subject:  Re: Ten Mental Exercises Leading To Freedom Date:  4/6/2000  2:58 PM
Author:  ca2devri Number:  7555 of 876084

This is an excellently written post. I actually found it on the post of the day section so I guess I'm not the only one to think so.

This isn't so much a negative response as a caution to those who are great budgeters. I realize a majority of people out there are in need of the kind of self control that hocus has described.

I think there is are a number of people who take this type of advise too far. I have the good fortune to work in an area that currently has lots of opportunity and some good pay to boot (Electrical Engineering). I know a lot of people in the industry who I think work far too hard and save and budget way too much (they are not the majority, but there's enough of them).

I know hocus wasn't trying to tell us to sacrifice our lives just to save, but some people actually do that. Whether that means not spending money, or just working too hard. I have friends that work more than 12 hours a day regularly and claim that it will all slow down once they have made it. Whatever 'made it' means I don't really know. I hope that I can look back on my career in 20 years and say that I enjoyed it. I also hope I can say I made the most of the time away from work too. If that means I had to spend $3000 of my savings to take a 2 week vacation with my wife when I was only 25, well that's probably worth it.

Like anything else, I guess there is a happy medium. Some people live beyond their means and that's definitely not good. Some live comfortably below their means while still others live their lives so they can retire. I wouldn't want to be in either the first or last category.

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