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Subject:  Re: Ten Mental Exercises Leading To Freedom Date:  4/9/2000  6:34 PM
Author:  TheFreep Number:  7670 of 838455

Thought provoking post, Hocus. I'm gonna dive right in here with the codicil that I have only read the thread in response to your post. I have not read most of the 7000+ posts on this board, though I have popped in from time to time. I came upon your post in the Foolish Week in Review report (thanks Cheeze!), and felt compelled to respond. So, if some of my points have been made already, I do apologize.

This will all sound negative, but let me say up front that I do agree with the basic thrust of your message: think before you spend. That said. . .

Let's take your $15 pizza example. You calculate that you can save $2,000 a year by avoiding this indulgence (which I believe you mean is 2K spent on similar food indulgences, not just pizza). This becomes 133 episodes, a large amount, but easily believable. Still, let's say you do NOT indulge at all. Well, you still have to eat -- and even at your remarkable rate of 1 buck each for you and your wife, your savings only become $13 dollars for the meal. So, instead of $2000 in savings, you have $1734, a nice amount but not as much as you imply. I would make the same argument on the