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Subject:  Re: Ten Mental Exercises Leading To Freedom Date:  4/10/2000  1:30 PM
Author:  hocus Number:  7726 of 841044

I know a lot of people in the industry who I think work far too hard and save and budget way too much.

Thank you for challenging some of the ideas in the original post. By adding your more moderate perspective to my own rather extreme one, you may render parts of the original post more palatable to some board participants.

My own view is that there are many people who work too hard at corporate and government jobs, but few who spend too little. I agree that in theory it could happen, but it takes an unusually strong-willed individual to spend less than is appropriate in a culture so dominated by consumerism.

My experience is that life is freqeuntly made fuller by spending less. For example, I have not paid to go a movie theater in three years now. I know that there are many who view this as "going too far." My analysis is that the activity I took up to replace movie nights--talking two-hour walks with my wife--is more enriching. So I both spend less and enjoy life more.

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