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Subject:  Re: Ten Mental Exercises Leading To Freedom Date:  4/10/2000  7:56 PM
Author:  TheFreep Number:  7758 of 875561

intercst writes << Over on the DELL board last year, we had a DELL employee lamenting the fact that he had sold $5,000 worth of DELL stock to take his wife on a Lake Tahoe ski vacation in 1992. Value today
of $5,000 worth of DELL stock bought in 1992? A little over $1 million.

Maybe I'm warped, but I think the investor that bought the $5,000 in stock got the better part of that exchange. <grin>>>

Again, doesn't this all come down to perspective? What if that Dell employee sold 1/4 of his stock at that time. That means his remaining 3/4 are worth $3 million dollars. I don't think he's too badly off, do you? And what if shortly after that trip, God forbid, his wife had passed away? What if that trip gave him the memories he cherished for the rest of his life?

I do appreciate the perspective of many here that freedom is paramount. And I truly respect that everyone is vastly different: I would miss the communal experience of moviegoing, to understand how others react to identical experiences, to see how a broad segment of society can exist together happily for a period of time. To me, this is important, but I understand that to others, the experience has nothing to do with those things.

Despite what you might think, I do evaluate every spending decision carefully. I save whenever possible. But I also know that I will be very active when I retire early, and I want to make sure that finances NEVER become an issue. Again, this comes down to personal choice, and having watched others find themselves trapped in retirement wishing they could do more.

Thanks for the welcome to the board. I certainly came in swinging :-)

the freep
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