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Subject:  Response to Pixy's LIving Will article Date:  4/26/2000  8:51 AM
Author:  marlenus Number:  3711 of 20632

I read this article and learned about a few things that I wasn't aware of. I decided to forward it to my father to see what he thought about it and to educate him in the event there was some information he wasn't familiar with either. His response was incredibly scary to me.

Several years ago, my mother was in a terrible car wreck. I lived 1500 miles away and went to rush down, but my father told me that everything was going to be OK and he'd call me if anything changed. Well, yesterday in the response to Pixy's forwarded article I learned that what I was told four years ago was a lie.

What I'm going to post isn't saying one way or another that Pixy's recommendations are right or wrong, but that they are something that needs to be given some serious thought. Anyway, below is the email from my dad:

> some interesting stuff in here i had never heard of.

Yes, interesting stuff. I have only one disagreement.

First, I have both a durable and medical power of
attorney for Grampy [ed: my 93 year old grandfather].

Mom and I have the same for each other.

I NOW do not believe in living wills (at least not
at our age [ed: mom and dad are in their mid 50's]). After Mom was in the car accident, they
kept her alive by extra-ordinary means until I got
to the hospital 9 hours later. At that time, they
told me to make funeral arrangements. If Mom had a
living will, she wouldn't be alive today. We have
discussed it and we will make the decision for each
other depending on circumstances. No doctor will make
it for us. Obviously, this is a very emotional issue
for me. Hope I don't sound like I'm preaching.

As far as wills for Mom and me, I plead guilty. Your brother has been bugging us to get wills done and our intent is good, but we just haven't gotten to it yet. But we agree and will schedule it as soon as we can.

Thanks for the info.


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