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Subject:  Re: IRAs What does my money get invested in??? Date:  4/29/2000  7:05 PM
Author:  auntpat Number:  21659 of 88530

"How to invest ?" There are so many different ways to invest, maybe you should start out with "How not to invest."

Many investors who had margin accounts (where the investor uses the broker's money to invest, betting that the stock will go up in value) "bought the store" during NASDAQs recent "melt down". The lesson here is to say "NO" if offered such an account.

Another way of "How not to invest" is by putting your entire investment into one business sector, e.g. Automotive, Real Estate. Diversify, diversify, diversify. Spread your investments over many different industries. Study and understand the company. Start out small.

Publications such as Money magazine, Forbes, and Fortune often have sample portfolios which have been put together by money managers. Sometimes they give performance ratings of these money managers, showing their track records. You could learn a lot by reading these.

Please don't ask a friend or relative for an investment recommendation, for if the stock would decrease in value, you would forever blame that friend or relative. Listening to a full service broker could be good..................or not. Going by gut feelings is like throwing a dart at a list of stocks. which could be good..........or not.

There is so much to learn by reading the Fool boards, and the tutorial info provided by this website. Why not just study, study, study and wait for the Market to settle down for awhile? Why not to wait ? Because the Market could go up exponentionaly and you would have been left out in the cold............or not.

There is risk in investing, but there is risk in walking across the street too ! I know, I was a pedestrian in a cross walk, and got hit by a drunk driver and knocked into the middle of an intersection. Guess it just wasn't my time to "Go". I'm still here............investing.

Good luck,

Aunt Pat
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