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Subject:  What I don't get. Date:  5/3/2000  8:58 AM
Author:  Sera1 Number:  33082 of 157241

What makes these arguments about MSFT so difficult to not only understand but to tolerate is this: the only complaints about this company comes from people in the industry who want to convince us that a.) MSFT never innovated a thing and b.) if it weren't for MSFT this field would be so much more innovative.

This is rather incredible because it hasn't been the consumer who has driven the need for more bandwidth, better graphics, a more user friendly GUI, voice recognition, a cheap operating system, better hardware, better software, bigger hard drives, etc, etc. Most consumers had no idea how technology could better their lives. Whoever thought that you could use the computer instead of your phone (telephony?) who ever thought that e-mail could become universal. Who ever thought that a 300 baud modem would not be enough or that Graphical interfaces could be fully utilized on the 'net. Who ever realized that html programming and pearl code could turn basically anyone into a “web designer” and web site developer?

I'm not sure how this field could be anymore innovative. In fact, in many cases it innovates too quickly for the average consumer who find themselves with obsolete computers after only two years. Before MSFT and Windows 98, in fact, you could count on paying at least $ 2,500 for a PC and, if you were a professional, investing at least $ 5- 10,000. in all the software and hardware, etc. that you'd need.

Today, you have no such problem. Prices have dropped, we can do more things on the internet and on our computers than anyone ever thought of, no less dreamed. (Wow, my computer is a juke box, it's a radio, it's a TV, it's a DVD.) What on earth is missing here? Oh yeah, my computer is not a semi-conductor, a nuclear reactor, it doesn't bake bread (oh wait, MSFT is actually implementing that technology so that your oven will probably not only make bread but get turned on by a phone call, your eggs can tell you when they need replacement, your milk when it's about to go sour, and so on.) Where is this lack of innovation of which you all speak?

I don't give a damn whether MSFT bought it or innovated it; an argument we've had so many times I could puke. A lack of innovation in this industry is hardly our problem. Please someone name one invention that we so desperately need that has not come to market due to Microsoft. I'm sure you can name a few products that failed. To the consumer that's largely irrelevant because the fact remains most of us are basically trying to figure out how to fully utilize all the products we already have. (Of course, we're just ignorant non-techies who, like the nanny state tells us, don't really know what is good for us.)

Sorry folks, your arguments fall pretty flat. There will come a time when MSFT blocks innovation but that has not happened yet [you don't consider getting a $ 10,000 pi