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Subject:  Re: Surrender Date:  5/15/2000  12:19 PM
Author:  laopera Number:  4807 of 12907

I demand the surrender of the state of California, if you have not responded to my message before my colleague follows up....blahblahblah English

Oh yes. Every once in a while, forgetting that the sun set on this unfortuate slave-labor camp of an Empire long ago, and typically after a tough Manchester United loss, some potty dough faced drunken bankrupt bastard who has just spent his dole check on faquing-near-water Watney's and a tepid and runny kidney pie at The Rack and Flag recalls a distant, alcohol-addled history lesson, and so hurls his melancholy self onto some other continent, dreaming of days of yore when the cannibals of the Royal Twittish Navy whipped fourth-world peoples into bondage and vague acknowledgement of some horseheaded woman or man. Alas, modern life is now so desperate on this small, gadfly island, itself now prone to rule by women with dowdy handbags and the sons of circus clowns, that their only hope for more worldly experience is travel by intrusion, and so, after they set foot off of some cargo boat, or disembark an airline as a courier, obliged to return with another package in seven days, backpack in hand and soiled pants on backwards, they are obliged to claim the gangway or runway on which they stand for olde shopworn Angleterre, the country that devalues its currency every ten years in order to pay its enormous debts to more modern G7 nations. Occasionally, then the boat makes a stop at the wrong port, they accidentally find themselves in a place with something more than bronze age technology, and so go ahead with their rote enslavement speech anyway, causing a minor nuisance, and are summarily dispatched to farflung elsewhere.

I understand. Welcome. Can we help you? Like a few bob to work your way back home?



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