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Subject:  Pre vs Post Tax & LTBH Date:  6/1/2000  12:58 PM
Author:  jpato Number:  36178 of 127519

Please excuse this post if it has been discussed in earlier posts, after a quick scan a some of the 401k posts, I only have more questions. Anyway,

Seems the conventional wisdom is pretax into company 401K plan. Pay the tax later.

Does the withdrawl of the funds get paid at the future tax rate (e.g.year 2030) or the rate at contribution (year 2000)? From what I've read, yes future rate but can be (at this time) average over ten years.

Would it be better to pay a lesser tax rate now than later or does the effect of reducing the Adjusted Gross Income each year win out over the long haul? Is it equal? Of course I am assuming taxes will rise. Not sure why :->

Does the future withdrawl affect the tax bracket at time of withdrawl? Again, from other posts I think it does but am I correct to say that the withdrawl can be limited (non lump sum) to an amount that leaves the AGI less than the higher tax bracket?

Just thought of this, suppose one holds company stock long term, to a point of acquiring an amount that adjusts the income bracket up. How is the tax calculated on the the sale? I would guess at the time of sale not purchase.

Thanks for the patience, this started with a simple question.

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