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Subject:  Re: NOT taking a tax credit Date:  6/17/2000  2:19 AM
Author:  jackalope29 Number:  36667 of 124655

Here is a copy of my e-mail with the IRS...

NOTE: Our response to your tax law question appears below. If you have
additional questions on this or other general tax law topics, please
return to our web site at: ( to submit it.
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Dear Taxpayer:

The information you gave us was not entirely clear. We would have no
way of knowing whether your insurance company made a mistake regarding
your withholding. If you have already filed for an extension, you may
want to wait until you have received a corrected Form 1099B before you
file your return. In any case, if your tax preparation software will
not accept your 1099B withholding, you may need to file a paper tax
return or a paper amended tax return.

It is also not clear how you could have ended up with negative adjusted
gross income, based on the information you gave us. Your excludable
foreign earned income must be added into your gross income before it can
be excluded. After your excludable foreign earned income has been
reported on your Form 1040 on line 7 or 12, and then subtracted on line 21,
your remaining adjusted gross income should reflect your US earned
income, your interest and 1099B income.

Once you have elected to claim the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, you
must utilize it to its fullest allowable extent in any year that you
are otherwise entitled to claim it. If you fail to fully utilize your
maximum allowable excludable income amount, this will constitute a
revocation of the Exclusion, and this could jeopardize your right to claim
the Exclusion in future years.

This law generally makes it difficult to contribute to your retirement
plan if you are claiming the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, because
you are required to have taxable US compensation in order to contribute
to a retirement plan. Retirement plan contributions and the Foreign
Earned Income Exclusion are mutually exclusive unless you have US source
compensation, or, for