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Subject:  Newer, cleaner, post Date:  6/25/2000  5:11 PM
Author:  Durnib Number:  3781 of 44391

WARNING: VERY LONG POST AHEAD! But it is a good story. Trust me.

At the suggestion of my friend Jedi, here is a post fit for the Fool Family...

Today, June 25th, is my ex's birthday. I'll call her Julia, because she looks like Ms. Roberts. Every year at this time, I write to her, telling her what I've been up to and asking what she has been doing.

Most people think it is pathetic. Actually, I think it is pathetic. We broke up in 1994. And she never writes back. But she is by far the most influential person in my life, except for my parents. So much of who I am, what I do, and where I want to go is because of her. It just doesn't seem right to not try to connect with her.

I don't still love her, not in the way I did anyway. I've been in several relationships since. And I am not looking to date my ex again. I just want an opportunity to thank her for everything she did for me, and to say I am sorry for everything I did to her. So, in a way, my writing to her is my penance.

Well, here is the story of my best date, which was with her. It occurs in the spring of 1993. I was a junior in college, she a sophomore....

We started dating in February of that year. And as summer was fast approaching, and I realized I wouldn't really see her during the summer, I wanted to do something special before school let out. We compared exam schedules, and we decided to put Saturday, May 8th aside to spend together. May 6th would have been our 3 month anniversary, so it worked out well.

I called her the morning of the 8th, and told her we had dinner reservations and that I had borrowed a friend's car. I would pick her up at 6:00, and she should wear something nice.

At 6:00pm, I went to her door, and she opened it wearing a stunning white and yellow sun dress. I gave her a dozen white carnations, her favorite flowers, and suggested we go for a short walk around campus, as it was really nice outside and we had some time before dinner.

Our dorms were at the far corner of campus, so we starting walking toward the center, admiring the flowers and the students playing frisbee, studying, and just hanging out in the sun. Next to the campus center is the Chapel. And frequently during the spring, alumni return to get married there. Especially on Saturdays.

As we approached the Chapel, we did, in fact, see a limo parked outside, with a chauffeur leaning against the car. Julia smiled and said "Hey, look Brian. Someone must be getting married!"

"Yea. Hey, watch this" I said as I walked over to the chauffeur.

"Hello, I'm Mr. Durnik (not my real name, of course)."

"Why, hello Mr. Durnik. Allow me." And he opened the d