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Subject:  Re: non spouse IRA beneficiary Date:  7/2/2000  3:11 PM
Author:  SuzanneSLO Number:  37094 of 123001

Dingue: You asked: Can the beneficiary of an IRA be changed from a spouse to a daughter?
The owner is already taking required minimum distributions from the IRA and wishes to change the beneficiary.

The IRA owner can change the beneficiary at any time, but it is less advantageous to do so after the required beginning date at which time required minimum distributions(RMDs) must be taken.

A change after that date has the following effect:

If the new bene is older than the former bene, then the RMDs are recalculated based on the age of the new bene. This may mean a required faster pay-out of IRA assets.

If the new bene is younger, then there is no change in the calculations of the RMD.

Upon the death of owner, what options will
the daughter have?

If the daughter inherits the IRA as the bene, then her pay-out is determined by the joint life expectancy of her fathe