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Subject:  Pet Lovers FAQ Version 1.1 Date:  7/3/2000  12:28 AM
Author:  TDMENEUF Number:  6151 of 123038

Welcome to TMF Pet Lovers Board. We're glad you found us and we hope we can help you find answers to your pet questions or give you a place to tell your stories. We are here to help, talk, laugh, cry or whatever you may need for your pet. Pull up a chair and relax.

Who are Pet Lovers?

We are. Fools who are owned by their pets. We love them, we cherish them, we have sucker on our foreheads, but that's okay, because they are worth it. We work together to make sure our pets are getting nothing but the best. Now that you are about to OD on the sugar, LOL, just kidding, we do love our pets though and work together to help each other out.

What kinds of Pets do you talk about here? Just Dogs and Cats?
This Board Is For The Birds
A Duckling's Happy Ending
My Horses Have a Dinner Bell

Plus many, many more! Just type in the type of animal you are looking for in the search box above and you will probably find a thread about them! If not, start one! :)

What if I don't have a pet anymore, can I still talk about ones I used to have?

You bet! Trips down Memory lane are some of the best threads we have here. Get your kleenex for some of these threads.
More from my Mom
Amazing Pet Stories
Two Dogs (Long)

Can I find information about getting my pets fixed here or on their health?

Here you go :)

Spaying and Neutering Discussions

Medications and Disease and Health Problems
Pet medication online
Cat on Amitriptyline
Painful Paws