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Subject:  Re: Protecting your heirs Date:  7/7/2000  5:51 PM
Author:  TTRoberts Number:  23163 of 88077

NoelXX, you wrote:

<< I know this isn't a new subject - everybody who invests deals with it - and I know there are many ways to skin this cat. I'm looking for a strategy that will allow me to maximize my heir's take and minimize the government's.

My investments are all in traditional IRAs and I am retired and am old enough to make required withdrawals. It's tempting to let what I can compound as long as possible, but I understand there are other ways to go which will actually be more advantageous to my heirs.

If you can suggest other postings or even books I'd appreciate it.

YES . . . . there are MANY ways to skin this cat . . . just as there are many ways to build a house. Books and posting tend to talk about the TOOL(S) and what those "tools" can or cannot do. What the posting and books CAN'T do is do the construction . . . . without knowing the details of your situation and exactly what you want. So, you may learn a lot about the tool(s) from such sources . . . but you may not have the skill or talent to use those tools most effectively and will need to deal with a skilled professional to BUILD a "strategy that will allow you to maximize your heir's take and minimize the government's". And, it may take more than just one skilled professional to do it.

Anyway . . . . you might want to check out a couple of Ernst & Young's books that they publish such as their Retirement Planner book as they touch on some of these "tools" and examples how they might be used. You can find the books in just about any good book store and in some libraries.

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