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Subject:  Re: annuity investing Date:  7/28/2000  11:56 AM
Author:  TTRoberts Number:  23754 of 87978

gnjerr, you asked:

<< I have a 300,000 variable annuity that will expire in Dec. The ins. co. has offered me 2% bonus to maintain control of this money. Plus 10% intrest to DCA this amount, back into sub accounts in the annuity, over a 6 month period. It would be 8% if I did this over a 12 month time period. Any suggestions? >>

Appropriate suggestions can not be make without knowing a LOT more detail about your financial situation, your goals and objectives, what your plans were or are for this annuity, and what the many details are about this particular annuity. What little you've shared leaves a huge vacuum and so, there an be any number of things one might want to do.

The best suggestion I can think of at this point is for you to sit down with your agent and review the these things I've mentioned, in detail, so that you know exactly what your options are and which ones are most appropriate. THEN you can make a good INFORMED decision.

The information you've provided is sketchy and a bit confusing too and I guess we can just assume you've reached the end for the "Surrender Period" as opposed to "expiring". An annuity doesn't "expire". IF . . . what this company is offering is a 1035 exchange into another annuity, you would certainly want to check out what the new "Surrender Period" is going to be and see if that's acceptable as to how you're going to fit this annuity into YOUR comprehensive plan. But as I said, without knowing a lot more, there's no way to know what's going on here or how it might or might not fit into YOUR planning.

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