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Subject:  How I Live on More Than 22K Per Year Date:  7/31/2000  1:58 AM
Author:  RidinTheTide Number:  14240 of 876362

I just thought I would present a view of this income issue from a little different angle.

I have run the numbers for my current lifestyle and I spend significantly more than 22K per year. I still live below my means, as I'm saving enough to conservatively retire early. In fact, I could retire VERY early. But I've made the decision to shoot for early (not VERY early), and here's why.

There is no doubt in my mind that I want to retire early, and move from the day-to-day hassle that's corporate America. However, there will be a significant period of time (say, 10 years) between now and when I retire. I am going to wring every bit of "early retirement" out of this decade that I can, while still being employed.

I watch where every dollar goes, and frivolous purchases are rare. The remainder goes toward funding my early retirement (yet to come), and my frequent mini-retirement (every chance I get).


I estimate that I take 10 vacations a year. Most are inexpensive, and most are weekends. A few are out of state and even out of the country.

And if I want the caffe mocha that's $3.50 just cuz it's there and it tastes great, I'm going to get it. Just not every day.

To me, it's not worth moving the early retirement date in, at the expense of my peace of mind now. And by not sacrificing too much today for later rewards, I am able to maintain my quality of life while putting off freedom until such date as I can achieve the same level of comfort in retirement.

There's a balance here... finding the right level of sacrifice now, while maintaining a high quality of life and providing for the future. Just my take.

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