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Subject:  Re: Calling all Fools Date:  8/16/2000  9:22 PM
Author:  TheBMann Number:  9306 of 44392

I also don't know anyone that
says "farty-far" when referring to I-44 but somehow people think that is common. -- catdaddy

Do you work with those dopes from St. Louis for any extended length of time? They ALL say "farty for." I think it's genetic or something.

<if that doesn't smoke out some St. Louis lurkers, I don't know what will>

You like Imo's? I LOVE Imo's!!!! The Square Beyond Compare! Probably even better than a pork steak.

Hey -- didja notice? I think Jedi is waffling a bit! Seems the idea of getting a piece of pork a** has her intrigued.. :-)

Yes, I also thought that Ramone's might not be the best place, all things considered. Blueberry Hill was suggested, but that's still a pretty long drive from Springfield and Columbia. I don't know of any halfway points between Columbia and St. Louis. Anyone else with suggestions? A GREAT place to go would be Fast Eddie's Bon Air in Alton -- cold beer, great atmosphere, lots and lots of good, CHEAP food... but that's still 15 miles further north of me. But it is a great place.

BTW: I also have some extra room. Lots of extra room if we wait until the weather is a little cooler. As I said, I have a very large sceened in porch on the back o' the house (No AC -- still pretty warm at night back there), with three couches which would make very good "crash sites" is anyone is so inclined. (Might have to share one with the dog, however.)

I like this. Fools. Beer. Golf. Beer. BBQ. Beer. Sleeping with the dog. Beer. Hangover. Bs & G. Tequila.

Sounds like a trip down collegiate "Memory Lane"...

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