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Subject:  Re: Calling all Fools Date:  8/16/2000  9:22 PM
Author:  TheBMann Number:  9306 of 44391

I also don't know anyone that
says "farty-far" when referring to I-44 but somehow people think that is common. -- catdaddy

Do you work with those dopes from St. Louis for any extended length of time? They ALL say "farty for." I think it's genetic or something.

<if that doesn't smoke out some St. Louis lurkers, I don't know what will>

You like Imo's? I LOVE Imo's!!!! The Square Beyond Compare! Probably even better than a pork steak.

Hey -- didja notice? I think Jedi is waffling a bit! Seems the idea of getting a piece of pork a** has her intrigued.. :-)

Yes, I also thought that Ramone's might not be the best place, all things considered. Blueberry Hill was suggested, but that's still a pretty long drive from Springfield and Columbia. I don't know of any halfway points between Columbia and St. Louis. Anyone else with suggestions? A GREAT place to go would be Fast Eddie's Bon Air in Alton -- cold