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Subject:  Re: Calling all Fools Date:  8/16/2000  10:01 PM
Author:  catdaddy1 Number:  9307 of 44392

They ALL say "farty for." I think it's genetic or something.

Never worked in the city. I didn't want to deal with traffic. Actually, I delivered stuff there for a while but my company was based on the east side. I grew up here and I don't say that. Maybe it's because I'm an Illinoisan?

a piece of pork a**
I find that a bit intruiging when you put it that way... :)

Fast Eddie's Bon Air in Alton
OOOOOHH. Fat-Eddie's. That's a great place. I should have listed that in my response to fav taverns. Problem is that they are jam packed on weekends. Nothing like Elwood-on-a-stick for $1.50.

Fools. Beer. Golf. Beer. BBQ. Beer. Sleeping with the dog. Beer. Hangover. Bs & G. Tequila.
Spoken like a true midwesterner (except the to-kill-ya part)

How about this:
Golf at Forest Park's course (for those interested) - for those not golfing, the zoo and the art museum are right there. Then BBQ in the park or at my or B*mann's house. If not BBQ, we could hit Caleco's near SLU (good food). Then hit a pub and hang out. Then anyone needing a place can crash at B's or my pad and we'll get Bs and G in the morning.

Who's game?

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