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Subject:  Re: Calling all Fools Date:  8/17/2000  12:30 PM
Author:  TheBMann Number:  9352 of 44392

And when you say BBQ, do you mean grilling
outdoors over charcoal or the tomato based sauce?

Actually, the correct answer to this is:



Over charcoal, slathered with your favorite tomato-based sauce. That's the traditonal Mid-Western style, though I do favor MoonBucks' version more than occasionally.

Of course, that's lots of ways to Q... but that's the most popular.

Difference between chops and steaks? Well, I didn't know ... so I went to:
(or course)..

and, Dang! pork steaks don't come from the hog's butt (that's ham) but come from the shoulder butt (the upper shoulder).. what we refer to most commonly as the "pork steak" is actually called a "pork blade steak." Pork chops come from the cut on the pig called the "loin," which is actually the upper back of the pig. Pork steaks can, however, also be made from the loin cut.

Does that help? :-)

Preparation difference: it's blasphemous to eat a pork steak that's not slathered in BBQ sauce, while pork chops aren't nearly as good barbequed as they are if prepared differently. Go figger!

Bon Appetite.

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