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Subject:  Credit Card Parable Date:  8/17/2000  7:24 PM
Author:  kaigun Number:  42210 of 310650

Inspired by the recently concluded Get out of Debt Contest, I submit the following:

A Parable for our Times:

In the beginning the Economy was formless and void. The Spirit of Trade moved upon the earth and said "Let there be barter," and there was barter. And Man saw that it was good.

As Man traveled about, he saw that he could not always find someone to trade with, and that was not good. So the Spirit of Trade said "Let there be Cash," and Money appeared in many forms upon the face of the Economy. And Man saw that it was good, since he would always be able to purchase the goods he needed without depending on others needing his barter goods.

As the Economy grew and spread across the land, Man saw that he couldn't always carry enough Money to carry out the transactions he required, and Commerce was stifled, and that was not good. The Spirit of Trade saw this and said "Let there be Credit," and Lo, Letters of Credit appeared across the face of the earth, and Man saw that this was good, and created a new breed of men to minister to Credit, Accountants.<