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Subject:  no employer matching? Date:  9/21/2000  1:02 PM
Author:  Guine Number:  55 of 319

Hi everyone, I am new to this board.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me how common it is for employers NOT to offer any matching for non-pension retirement savings.

Both my post-college employers contribute to employee 401(k)s in the form of a yearly bonus. This is in addition to their pension fund contributions. Both my husband's post-college employers contribute nothing to employee retirement accounts (outside of the pension funds -- I need to ask him about those, but I think money for his pension was taken out of his paychecks).

It's worth mentioning that both my jobs were (are... I still have the second one) for large corporations, while DH's first job was with a major art museum in NYC, and his current job is for a major university (a private one) in NYC. As you might imagine from the nature of his employers, both of his jobs paid (pay) very little.

It seems unfair to me that the employers of people who work in the public interest for very little pay don't help them out in the way of retirement fund contributions. Am I missing something?

Also, it's been my experience that workers in these art-related jobs are often not terribly savvy about their finances... given the common attitude among creative souls that caring about money is for soulless, greedy types, not artists. And so they don't think about retirement funds, or realize that their employers are stingy in that area. I know this was the case with my husband! While he has always been conscientious about managing his money, he never concerned himself about retirement -- partly out of shortsightedness, and partly from barely scraping by on his meager salary (when he was single, I mean).

I know retirement fund contributions are not a given, but I'm feeling frustrated about this (I was hoping for incentive to save more for retirement now while we continue to pay off debt, but with no employer matching, there is none... and, like I said, it just seems unfair in general).

From reading the boards on the Motley Fool, it seems that employer matching almost *is* a given. So... anyone know what percentage of U.S. employers offer this benefit? Just curious. Thanks.
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