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Subject:  Napster is not a threat!! Date:  10/3/2000  7:12 PM
Author:  bigwiza5050 Number:  399 of 919

Lets really think about Napster for a minute.... sharing or stealing music..... Why do musicians exists…isn't it to supply us common people with hope, inspiration, amusement, and to take us all back to a better and simpler time in our lives...For example your hosting a house party (regardless of your age and the age of your guests this would fit) everybody is talking and reminiscing about days gone by when some one says hey remember that song from the yada yada yada whatever whatever whatever and everybody say O yeah that was a great song.... at that moment everyone in the room has that same look on their face and that thought in their head......what better time for you (the party host) to say hey we can get it off Napster right cool would that anyone losing any money anybody's kids not going to eat that night b/c you down loaded their daddy's song off the net NO.....Final point.....If you like an artist when his or her CD comes out your going to buy it regardless of what the MTV, Rolling Stones, or your neighbor says about it.....which means true fans will be true fans and these artists that feel their pockets are thinning b/c of Napster need to find a way to appeal to more of us common folk OR (and I really think this is the best way to go) instead of putting out a 13 track CD and only 3 songs be any good and the rest garbage how about sending a little extra time in the studio, put out a good product, and you wont have to worry about someone down loading your music off Napster b/c downloading 3 songs is easy, but downloading 13 with a 56K modem is a pain in the ass! :-)
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