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Subject:  Re: The New Luxuries Date:  10/11/2000  6:07 PM
Author:  artlv Number:  21502 of 838477


I agree that in the main, saving is good and saving more is better, which I think is your primary thrust; however, I have to disagree/quibble with some of the statements you make along the way in your post.

Many people associate saving money with sacrifice. My experience is that there is no connection between the two.

I can't deny your experience, but I wouldn't go so far as to say there is no connection in general. I could see an issue for those who are making do with less, and who consequently find it non-trivial to include savings in a budget, and more difficult still to increase the amount budgeted for savings, without giving up (sacrificing) other expenditures. The sacrifice need not be monetary either; a parent/spouse may sacrifice increasing amounts of time at work in order to go beyond merely putting food on the table from day to day. So, to me at least, there is an apparent connection between "saving money and sacrifice" in at least some cases.

A luxury to me is something rare and precious that brings an unusual feeling of comfort or pleasure. I question whether the things that can be bought with a credit card still fit the bill.

"...for everything else, there's MasterCard..."

Perhaps there are people who find rare and precious things which bring unusual feelings of comfort or pleasure that can be brought with a credit card. Just because I can't imagine it doesn't mean it can't be so. It's also not clear to me that everyone will consider the same things to be luxuries, or t