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Subject:  Re: Great opportunity...need advice Date:  10/27/2000  9:03 PM
Author:  JLC Number:  25798 of 88508

Here goes my 2 cents.

The 14k per year in retirement sounds great. As far as your wifes fears, maybe put her share in an index fund and put yours into some of the workshop MI screens. Only invest in things that you understand and don't pick a screen just because it has a high return, the week to week volatility can be stomach churning. The only other thing about retirement saving, I always felt that 10% of gross income was a good place to start. Enough to save in the long haul without living like a "bag lady" in the present.

House money should be in money market mutual funds (MMF) or CDs only. Even bonds could loose money just as fast as stocks. The idea that they're safer is a myth. Just watch what happens to a bond's value when the interest rate gets hiked. After paying off the debt, I'd sock all that "investment" money into a MMF. In two years you'd have close to 100k to put down on a house if you chose to. Maybe even by one outright. Also, don't become "house poor". Don't buy more than you need or for conspicuous consumption. Your house will then become your life, not fun.

On owning a house. Nothing like owing it outright. I personally chose to pay off the mortgage as soon as possible. I now use what would be my monthly mortgage note for "extra" investments. Some would argue not to do that, to invest that extra cash, and it's a valid point. However, for me, I just have to relive this year knowing that I own my house and that "Mr. Market" didn't take over a third of it during this year's down turn. I sleep a whole lot better.

Hope this helps.


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