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Subject:  Re: ANF and homosexuality Date:  11/19/2000  12:32 PM
Author:  SBXJavadude Number:  1349 of 2249

WOW! That is quite a post.

First of all ANF knows exactly what it is doing with these ads. They want all that disposable income gays and lesbians are alleged to have. So three cheers for marketing.

Second those ads are in their catalog. This is the same company who had controversy last year as well. As far as I know, no one is forcing anyone to pick up their catalogs. If you do not want your kids to have them, be a parent, and keep it out of your home.

Next point this is a company on very shaky ground. They need money. So controversy is going to get people to check them out and potentially buy. Benetton did this in the 80's with their very in your face ads. This is nothing new.

People are free to invest or not invest in whatever company they choose. If you find the company's appeal to the gay community offensive, then do not invest. But these kind of appeals to others only bring attention to a company, and little is ever accomplished by actions like this. For example, the Baptists have picketed and boycotted Disney, as well as selling off shares. All this was in protest to Disney offering benefits to same sex partners of employees. As you can see Disney is doing just fine.

Finally, while I appreciate your "tolerance," I live for a day when people do a little more than "tolerate." To be honest I hope for a day when we can accept others, and embrace their differences. I am not sure I want to raise any kids I may have in a society where people think they are doing ok to just "tolerate" each other.


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