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Subject:  Homosexuality and Biblical Principles Date:  11/26/2000  12:57 AM
Author:  hortonron Number:  34973 of 199115


This is a forward of a partial post on the Political Asylum Board. You are much smarter than I am and thought you may want to provide your thoughts to Fishfinder (poster).

The discussion was why I don't think soceity embraces the homosexual lifestyle and Gay Rights movement. My point was that our country was founded on Biblical Principles and Homosexuality is forbidden by God and declared unnatural by Him.

Here is the link to the original thread if you want to start from the beginning. The subj was Liberal Agendas and the Military:

Here is the entire post which I am referencing:

Here is the Biblical section which I thought might interest you.

Fishfinder says:

Anyway- I wanted to address a couple positions stated in your posts. One statement you make is that homosexuality is strictly forbidden by God as depicted in the Bible, and it is equated with adultery, murder, drunkeness and sexual misconduct. My late mother, one of the most intensely spiritual people I ever knew, and a devout Episcopalian, always told my brothers and me to remember one thing about the Bible; it was not let down from Heaven on a string. It was authored by men: men who were no doubt Divinely inspired a lot of the time, but also mere men who were subject to the prejudices, ignorance and social mores of their time. They wrote many wonderful things in the Bible; for instance, the primary responsibility of Christians, which I recall is to worship the Lord above all else, and to love our neighbors as ourselves (don't recall anything about it saying "excepting homosexuals", though.) Yes, there is a lot of wonderful advice in that work, but there also are some ideas which do not, and dare I say, should not carry over to today.

I have no real argument with your assertion about our country being founded on Biblical principles, but you also must realize that the principles contain the above-mentioned misconceptions and prejudices. Again, the societal mores of colonial times differed greatly from what we accept today, to wit, slavery was normal, women were viewed more as chattel than people, etc. (Jeez, I think maybe a few people were burned at the stake for witchcraft, too!)

We all should accept that civilization progresses and that prejudices die out in an evolutionary fashion. Unfortunately for gays, some fears and prejudices are more obdurate than others. I think two of the overriding principles this country was founded on were, in fact, tolerance and freedom, both of which we should be applying towards all people, irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity and, yes, sexual orientation!

A few weeks ago, I posted a "New School Prayer" which decried the advent of "political correctness" and lack of spiritualism in the public education system:

I was somewhat taken aback by the number of responses assailing this as an attack on "freedom of choice" and separation of church and state. Now, after reading some of the traffic on this issue, I think I have a better understanding what causes those jitters. The use of the Bible as a justification for labelling others as "less than", and promoting intolerance goes against the teachings of Jesus and other religions as well!



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