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Subject:  Re: Miriam's Ski Report 11/22/2000 Date:  11/30/2000  6:20 AM
Author:  Moellemann Number:  1345 of 6282

Hi Miriam,

Yes, you must know what it is - it has fan blades on the top and spins from candle heat at the base. Made of wood with handcarved figures. So beautiful. (Auf Deutsch wird es eine Weihnachtspyramide genannt.)

Yes of course I know that, something must have blocked my brain :-)

I heard about Plauen in east Germany, but never have been there. It seems not far from the Bavarian border, which is the very southeast state of Germany. That is where our big mountains are. I myself live in the very southwest of Germany near to the French (5 Miles) and Swiss (25 Miles) border. Right on the foot of the blackforest "Schwarzwald" where, of course you know that, the Kuckucksuhr is coming from.

Your Mom lives in San Diego? What a nice City. I love San Diego, i stoped there twice on my vacation tours through USA. You know, all those things like San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Tucson, Las Vegas, Death Valley, Grand Canon, Monument Valley, Zion N.P. and and and.... I did not make it to Denver so far. Somehow it never fit in to my travelplans.

I was born in Ludwigsburg and we came to the United States when I was four years old. I am still a German citizen, but I have a green card. You would never know it from talking to me though.

You speak German very well I guess! This is not a usual thing, even your Mother came from here and you were born in Germany.

In that case it may be is not ncessary to explain, but I'll do it anyway just in case.
You said: "...aber Sie können Mirjam sagen, wenn Sie wünschen..."
Now, Sie in German is very formal, couteous/polite? you talk like that if you talk to foreign people. Talking to friends you would use Du instead. Now since I do not know you for long time I can't say we are friends in the meaning of the word. On the other hand all participants in Motley Fool (in Germany at least) feel like a big family, which means we are all friends. So I offer you, since I'm the older one, to say Du to me which in english is not existent. It means talk to me like you talk to a friend, be unformal in talking to me. Do you want me to be formal in talking to you?
Hmm, I wonder whether this makes any sense at all to you. Must sound quite stupid, hehe. q:-))
One more point. Miriam vs. Mirjam what is the difference?

So much for today Mirjam.
I was very pleased you did respond to my post, thank you very much.
I hope you will be well soon and your knie will no longer hurt you to much. Have a nice day Mirjam.
Greetings to you and your family.

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