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Subject:  Re: Slate article on National Debt Date:  12/8/2000  7:58 PM
Author:  kaigun Number:  51141 of 310650


Although this is not a political board (there are plenty of those at TMF) I couldn't let some of your statements go by without comment.

Your stereotyping of our two major political parties is what the press would have us believe. A 'better' stereotype (if there is such a thing as a good one) would be that urban voters (both rich and poor) tend to support Democrats while those living in more rural areas (the division of Gore/Bush voting geographically points this out) tend to support Republicans. Urbanites tend to want and/or need more govt services, while the others tend to be more self-reliant, and want less govt.

Tax reform benefits those who actually PAY taxes. Most of the 'poor' and near-poor do not pay taxes. I do pay taxes, am not rich (or old, I hope) and support Republicans who want to give some of my money back to me. Unlike many in the federal govt, I feel that tax surpluses belong to the taxpayers, not the govt. Do I think that every penny should come back to my po