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Subject:  Re: I won't be donating to Grameen again Date:  12/21/2000  7:45 AM
Author:  TDMENEUF Number:  3442 of 5550

I hope this helps.

Jeff Bjorck

I understand all that. IF it was just the $1.21 shipping, that would be one thing, but you also have to consider the cost of the brochures, papers, envelopes and the time of the people involved in putting the stuff together and getting it shipped out. This more than exceeded my donation. And have they ever heard of bulk mail? This is much cheaper than going first class on everything.

A simple, one page note, saying Thank you for your donation through the Motley Fool would have been more than enough. Also noting that if I wished more information please call or write... you get the picture.

They will not be getting a "repeat" gift from me because of the extravagance of the thank you note. It was not necessary for all that information. I got all the information I needed from the Fool.

And if even if "one in ten" thank you notes resulted in a repeat gift, was that gift enough to even cover the original 10 notes? Mine wouldn't have been. Mine wouldn't have covered the postage let alone all the other hidden costs.

This is my personal opinion. I hate seeing waste, especially in a charity organization. I hate seeing money spent on things that could be better directed to the cause it was donated for. I just think they should simplify the thank you process. They might be surprised at how much they could save. For example:

10,000 donations X thank you packets @ $1.21 each = $12,100.00

10,000 donations X thank you letters @ .33 each = $3,300.00

What are the savings? $8,800 and that could be even more if they went to a bulk mailing process, waiting until the drive was over and sending out all the thank you letters at once. Now maybe $8,800 isn't much to an organization like Grameen, but it is to me and it's money I feel that could be used for the original cause.

The above figures are estimates and do not even include the cost of materials that will be thrown away and wasted by the recipients.

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