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Subject:  Re: Paying into a SEP as an employer AND employe Date:  12/29/2000  3:32 PM
Author:  TMFPixy Number:  26861 of 88078

Greetings, Onmyway2, and welcome. You asked:

My husband is self employed with no employee other than himself. I understand the calculations needed to determine how much he as an employer can pay into the SEP account. My question is Can he also pay into this same account as an employee? It appears we can pay about 7500 into the SEP. As I read the instructions from an employee prospective, I see the employee can contribute up to $6000 into the SEP account set up by the employer.(not to exceed a total of $12000 a year total contribution into that account) So for us this would mean we could pay another 4500 into the SEP account. Right?
I've read back several pages on this board and can't find this addressed so I'm thinking, I'm dreaming or wishing or just plain off base.

Can someone point me toward 'knowledge and wisdom'?

You are confusing a SEP-IRA with a SIMPLE. In the latter, and as the employEE, you may contribute up to another $6K after the employER's contribution has been made. You can't do that with a SEP. In a SEP-IRA, the employEE may only contribute up to another $2K, and that may or may not be deductible depending on the employee's filing status and adjusted gross income.

See our Foolish Retirement Plan Primer at for an overview of a SEP and a SIMPLE. Also see IRS Publication 560 (Retirement Plans for Small Business) for further details. That pub may be downloaded at

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