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Subject:  Re: 2000 Presidential Election Date:  12/31/2000  11:01 PM
Author:  hoffa Number:  1442 of 2249

FWIW, my spouse and I have decided to research the groups who gave money to Nader and to specifically not support them via donations or purchasing.

Since I doubt that my personal contributions of both cash and labor toward Nader's presidential campaigns (1996, 2000, and again in 2004 if the opportunity presents itself) will show up in any public records filings, I'll do you the favor of calling myself out. If you ever find yourself interviewing a freelance i.s. consultant in the Chicago area named Johnson, be sure to ask about political affiliations. You'll also want to avoid anything that comes out of Chronic Digression Publishing (assuming I ever get it off the ground.)

As for the claim that Nader selfishly destroyed liberal politics with the (relative) handful of votes he garnered this year, I find that argument rather specious. In his wrestling match with Bush for the "middle" of U.S. politics (anyone else remember W calling for third-world debt relief????), Gore seemed to ignore most of my, admittedly personal and subjective, liberal values. It only took eight short years to go from arguing for a phase-out of the internal combustion engine to to arguing for a release of strategic petroleum reserves in order to keep gas prices low!!! In general, given their campaigns, I find it very unlikely that Bush will do anything with regard to the environment that Gore would not have done.

If you really want to blame someone for Gore's loss, you might consider directing some of that rancor toward Gore himself. He seemed to campaign on a platform of "Anyone But Bush!" rather than standing for anything that might have positively energized the liberal base, or the Tennessee/Arkansas electorate (ahem).

Now, it's time to get back to reveling!!! Here's wishing everyone on this board a happy and safe new millenium, complete with market-beating returns, clean consciences, and lots of lively, intelligent, civil discourse!!!!

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